CBM Ohio

coal mine methane

CBM Ohio is a renewable energy company that specializes in collecting coal mine methane from abandoned coal mines. Since 1992, the CBM management team has been involved in natural gas exploration and distribution in Ohio and will use this expertise and connections to collect, process and then distribute methane gas to energy companies or energy consumers. Specifically, CBM will work with Coal Gas Transporation and Dominion Resources to process and transport the methane to energy users throughout the state.

CBM has purchased abandoned coal mines in Harrison County Ohio and currently has a pilot project ongoing in the abandoned Portal Mine in the county. This project is currently reclaiming methane gas that is processed and distributed in Ohio. The company is currently managing the exploration and production of over 20,000 acres of abandoned Ohio coal mines. The company has its headquarters in Louisville Kentucky and field operations in Cadiz Ohio.

CBM is committed to reducing greenhouse gases

CBM restores methane gas to a usable commodity and allows the coal pillars the opportunity to continually regenerate and replenish the void with methane gas. CBM OHIO anticipates recovering methane gas from these caverns for the unforeseeable future. It is in everyone’s best interest to seal coal mines and prevent methane seepage from the mine into the environment. The sealing of the mine enhances the quality of the methane and stops green house gas emissions. In fact we currently partner with the coal mining community to seal mines and lay the ground work for methane production prior to the actual mine closing. We believe our efforts to capture this waste product and renew it for market subsequently provides a safer and cleaner environment, an environment whose natural emissions of methane leaching up through thousands of old wells and natural fractures in the earth has been greatly mitigated by our efforts.