Not all renewable fuels are used in electricity production


The first states that implemented renewable energy strategies were focused on the generation of electricity. In fact, the first two dozen states to implement Renewable Portfolio Strategies (RPS) didn't have access to large abandoned coal mines. Pennsylvania was the first state to develop an RPS that had hundreds of square miles of abandoned coal mines and they wisely included this abundant resource into their portfolio. Obviously, wind and solar must be used in the generation of electrical power for utilities but other renewable sources such as ethanol, biodiesel and methane from landfills or coal mines would be better used and much more efficient to power gas appliances, home heating, transportation, and other uses.

Government incentives and energy investment should focus on developing multiple renewable fuel sources and provide incentives to meet energy needs state- and nation-wide. Renewable Portfolios should be based on the following factors:

As the following table suggests, Ohio’s portfolio would be greatly enhanced with the inclusion of methane recovered from abandoned mines because it would more efficiently provide direct energy to power plants, households and/or to the transportation system by flowing it directly to the end user. Furthermore, these projects are “shovel-ready” and should not require additional Federal or State subsidies or grants.

renewable fuel usage