Coal Mine Methane will help Ohio meet their energy needs

One example of recovering CMM is in Harrison County, Ohio. There is currently a pilot project to collect abandoned coal mine methane from the abandoned Portal mine. The project is projected to produce 800,000,000 cubic feet of methane, and 239,400 megawatts annually in electricity equivalents. Furthermore, carbon emission reduction from safely capturing and processing the methane is projected at 323,200 metric tons.

Ohio has 484 square miles of known abandoned mines in the five highest-mined counties and could potentially deliver a significant amount of clean natural gas for use in energy generationand should not require state or federal grants, subsidies or loans.

The following table provides a summary of Ohio’s energy needs and renewable targets and how the addition of a single CMM project can help meet renewable energy targets and carbon reduction.

CMM makes sense


Source: US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Website