Ohio is aggressively working to increase renewable energy


Ohio Strategic Energy Plan

Ohio has developed ambitious renewable energy goals over the next 40 years. The following chart summarizes the proposed power generation fuel mix to reach their renewable and greenhouse emissions.

Ohio Strategic Energy Plan

Source: National Wildlife Foundation

The 2020 Green Investments projection assumes that, using current available technology, Ohio makes:

    1. Improvements in efficiency to reduce overall demand by 25%
    2. Shifts away from fossil fuels so that 20% of power generation is from renewable energy sources.

    The 2050 goal assumes that hydro and nuclear are unchanged, continued efficiency improvements keep total demand flat and renewable energy replaces at least 65% of power generation formerly done through fossil fuel burning.

Ohio’s new energy plan could be achieved by:

  1. Expanding solar power using photovoltaic systems and concentrating solar power systems

  2. Expanding wind power even though Ohio ranks 36th in the U. S. in wind power potential

  3. Expanding Biomass power using 19 million dry tons of biomass available each year to generate 3,800 MW of electricity.